Overview of the Slot Machine Crystal Falls MultiMax

Bulletproof Games is a British company situated in Lichfield, a cathedral city not far from Birmingham. Even though the company has a few slots under its belt, Crystal Falls MultiMax is the first to generate significant buzz owing to its partnership with Yggdrasil’s YGS Program. The game has a Cascades+ system, a unique Encore ante bet feature, and some spectacular multipliers during a free spins round.

Unfortunately, Crystal Falls MultiMax doesn’t exactly wow at first. There’s a mining, alien planet, gem thing going on, but the game doesn’t do a good job of incorporating this theme, and it fails to immerse the player. There are 20 fixed paylines to try your luck on as an assortment of jewels fall across a 5-reel, 3-row game grid. The visual and aural environment consists mostly of a gloomy cave with a muted ambient music.

Crystal Falls MultiMax is playable on any device and offers standard and Encore increased stakes. The Encore function causes a 50% rise in the already high stakes range of 20 p/c to £/€100 each spin. Players can increase their chances of earning free spins for an additional wager. About one-quarter of spins will award money (23%), resulting in a potential return value of 95%. When compared to the capabilities of the characteristics, the mid-range potential is at odds with the medium-high volatility.

When three or more identical symbols appear in a row, starting from the left, the player receives a coin payout. The low-paying symbols are represented by single gems of varying colors, while the high-paying ones are clusters of gems, which may award as much as 20 times the wager for five in a row. The game’s logo symbol is much better, paying out 25x for a line of five. Wilds are most useful during free spins, but they may be employed at any time to supplement other pay symbols in order to create a winning combination.

Slot Machine Features, Crystal Falls MultiMax

Using a borrowed MultiMax feature from Yggdrasil, Crystal Falls MultiMax combines a Cascade+ feature, the aforementioned Encore ante bet, and free spins. As a first step, understand that successful hits result in the removal of symbols from the grid, making room for new icons to fall into the empty spaces. This pattern of successive wins continues until no further possible permutations exist.

While this is happening, the player will advance along a path on the left side of the screen. Every cascade in the main game moves the trail forward by one spot, and every string of four victories in the main game unlocks seven free spins. If you get more than four consecutive wins, you’ll unlock 10, 12, or 18 bonus spins, up to a maximum of 25.

In the absence of more winning combinations or free spins, the trail will return to its initial state. If the Encore wager is placed, however, two trail positions are changed into respins rather than losses. If the trail stops in a respin position and you don’t win any free spins, you’ll get another go at it. The odds of triggering the free spins bonus are improved from 1 in 140 to 1 in 62 thanks to the Encore function.

Each reel in the MultiMax bonus feature will have a multiplier above it, beginning at x1. If a wild appears, the multiplier to the right of it will rise by one. Any payline winnings are increased by the reel multipliers. If you get three of a type, for instance, the multipliers on reels one through three will add to your win sequentially, increasing its value. The Cascade+ trail also remains in effect throughout the bonus round, with +3 additional free spins awarded for landing on the trail in three different spots. From there, further advancement can net you 7, 10, 12, 18, or 25 extra free spins.

Finally, a 100x bonus purchase is available in Crystal Falls MultiMax if you live in a nation that allows them. With this, the Cascade+ trail is activated for the following spin at the 10 free spins location.

Slot Recommendation for Crystal Falls MultiMax

A wide variety of games may be expected to come out of the YGS Program if you go about hovering over every creator and their dog. The quality has been inconsistent as the market has sucked up every studio that isn’t locked down. There are hits, to be sure, but increasingly large numbers of mediocre games are getting through. While it’s admirable to cater to as many various sorts of gamblers as possible, there are instances when it seems that number, rather than quality, is the primary motivation. This reaction is stoked even more by Crystal Falls MultiMax, which is a mishmash of excellent and bad features.

Because Crystal Falls MultiMax has so few flaws, we can only hope that Bulletproof can maintain their high standards. To begin, the game’s visuals are, to put it mildly, unremarkable. Although appearances aren’t everything, they do play a major role in setting expectations, and Crystal Falls MultiMax doesn’t exactly get your blood pumping when you first turn on your screen.

The next elements, however, are solid, thus this is a squandered opportunity. The Encore function is a welcome enhancement that significantly shortens the time invested in obtaining free games. Naturally, respin triggers don’t always result in free spins, but they are always exciting. Even though it’s similar to Yggdrasil’s own Multifly game, the bonus game is also quite nicely designed. Of course, this is to be expected whenever a feature is borrowed.

Crystal Falls MultiMax’s potential also falls short of what the developers advertise it can do during free spins. It would be impressive to construct a massive five-reel multiplier, but the maximum payout is just 4,106 times the wager.

Skeptical gamers might assume that Yggdrasil is behind Crystal Falls MultiMax to redirect attention away from Multifly and onto themselves. If so, then the objective has been met. This is, however, quite improbable. Still, it’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that Crystal Falls MultiMax is a less appealing and less profitable variant of Multifly when researching its ancestry. It’s a pity, since with few tweaks and improvements, Crystal Falls MultiMax might have been fantastic.

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